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Third time lucky, will the Surface Pro 3 make an impact?

All eyes were on a little known brand last week here in Malaysia, when nascent Chinese consumer electronics company Xiaomi Corporation launched its flagship smartphone, the Xiaomi Mi 3. What’s more interesting is that the company claimed to have sold 4,000 units in a mere 17 minutes!

Pretty impressive, I must say. But moving away from all that attention-grabbing news here in Malaysia last week, one headline that was slightly out of focus from the eyes of the media was the launch of Microsoft’s latest laptop-buster, the Surface Pro 3.

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Microsoft, TM and Intel launch ‘Good Bye XP, Good Buy Windows 8’ program

Good bye XP. Good buy Windows 8

On 8 April 2014, the world finally bid farewell to the venerable Windows XP. Microsoft officially retired support for the 12-year old operating system as well as Office 2003, including automatic security patches. To make transitioning to the latest technology powered by Windows 8 and Intel technology for SMEs easier, Microsoft Malaysia has partnered Telekom Malaysia (“TM”) and Intel Malaysia to launch ‘Good Bye XP, Good Buy Windows 8’ trade-in program.

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[Review] Toshiba Satellite S40t notebook

Toshiba Satellite S40t

Toshiba went on a no holds barred refresh journey of its notebook portfolio mid last year,  introducing the Qosmio X75 gaming notebook, the premium Satellite P series, the sleek Satellite S series, mainstream Satellite L series and entry-level Satellite C. Earlier, we had reviewed the Satellite L40 notebook targeted at students and entry-level users. Slightly higher up the range, we have a Satellite S40t, a workhorse of a notebook powered by a 3rd Generation Intel Core i5 processor.
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