IAA 2017: Top 8 best cars at the Frankfurt Auto Show

As we speak, global car manufacturers are showcasing their best efforts to the public at the 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show. The auto show began on 14 September and runs for 10 days. But, for those of you who aren’t available to be there (me included) to view your dream cars, we’ve got you covered. We’ve gathered the top 10 best cars both in concept form and production form on display and hopefully, they’ll head to Malaysian soil. Continue Reading

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[Review] 2014 Volkswagen Passat 1.8 TSI (CKD)

2014 VW Passat

The 2014 Volkswagen Passat 1.8 TSI is essentially the uprated seventh-generation Passat B7 that packs some new equipment and a lower price tag. The Passat was VW Malaysia’s first CKD project out of its assembly plant in Pekan, Pahang. When I was offered the D-segment premium sedan to review recently, I pounced on the opportunity to be reacquainted with the brilliant TSI-DSG combo.
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The New iPhone Connector Problem: Cars!

Yes, the new iPhone 5 is rumoured to come with a new 19-pin connector, replacing the old 30-pin connector found in the previous iPhone models. This new connector will definitely cause issues with current vehicles that come with the 30-pin connectors.(unless there’s an adaptor for it)

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Why Apple, Why?

Rumors of the 19-pin connectors surfaced about a week or so ago. According to the rumour, this change was done so that the headphone jack or 3.5mm audio jack can be placed below next to the 19-pin connector. This will also give space to the new Iphone 5 for more features and other “special” connectors. This also allows Apple to make users move away from their current accessories to purchase new and recommended accessories for their 19-pin connectors. This may apply to the future Ipods as well.

So, how now, brown cow?

Well, cars from HONDA, FORD and BMW were lucky to stick to the old USB ports on their dashboard for users to connect any USB devices. However, you may have a problem of decoding the signals for the new Iphone 5, depending how much changes are made to it.

Cars that have been in support of Apple devices such as KIA, HYUNDAI, AUDI, VOLKSWAGEN may have to change their connectors for their future models or will likely convert their new releases to support the Iphone 5 as it launches. Car manufacturers may provide an alternative to the connector, which may include changing the cables or providing an alternative adapter.


Well if you are buying a new car and want iphone 5 support with it, do some research prior to your purchase. As the phone itself has not been launched yet, much is being left to speculation at this point. Chances are the cars may come with the phone as well! Still, do not be disheartened if your dream car doesn’t come with an Iphone 5 connector, just make sure you have at least a USB port ready.

As for the people who have a car with the current 30-pin connector, chances are, a converter will be available for it in the future. However, this “special” adapter is yet to be seen……… keep your fingers crossed!

In the end, if all doesn’t work out, you could just keep your old Iphone and make it into a really awesome music storage device for your car or maybe a backup/emergency phone?

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