[Review] Dell Vostro 5460

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Work, coffee and a Dell Vostro 5460. Productivity buddies, for life.

I’ve been getting this question a lot of late — “What notebook should I get for under RM2,500?” I feel it’s not a bad budget these days, with the plethora of value devices being offered in the market. For a little over RM2,000 you are likely to find some good entry level towards mid-range notebooks. One such option could be the new Dell Vostro 5460. I received one for review courtesy of Dell recently and come out mighty impressed with this value-for-money workhorse.

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Linux Preloaded into Dell Ultrabooks


DELL recently announced that they will be providing Linux OS, the Ubuntu 12.04LTS in selected countries who purchase or sell their Ultrabooks. So far it only comes with the 13 inch XPS Ultrabook, coming this fall.

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This is another step in their own project initiative called Project Sputnik, a project to create a developer-based-laptop for Ubuntu. This has already sent waves across the OS market as the Ubuntu OS could be a huge competitor to other operating systems for the ultrabook manufacturers (with the right backing of course).

Let us keep our fingers crossed, hopefully it will arrive officially in Malaysia………

Source via CNET.com

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