Samsung Forum 2012

Smart Washing with Samsung Eco Bubble

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Looking to simplify daily chores such as laundry at the push of a button? Samsung’s Eco Bubble washing machine addresses that demand, targeted at professional women and stay-at-home mothers like Lina Teoh, a local celebrity and documentary filmmaker appreciates who uses the Eco Bubble says “Everything I do, I give it my all; filmmaking, acting, laundry – there are no exceptions. The Samsung Eco Bubble saves up to 70% energy, does more laundry, and on top of that, even cares for my clothes.”
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[Liveblog] Samsung Forum 2012, Bangkok

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We’ll be running a liveblog of the 2012 Samsung SEA, Oceania & Taiwan Forum, held for the first time in Bangkok, Thailand. We’re expecting exclusive first looks into Samsung‘s 2012 product porfolio in the region. Samsung will be unveiling its key flagship products across every consumer electronic category – TV, AV, mobile, IT, digital imaging and home appliances. True smart living.

Press conference will be starting in 30 minutes time (9.30am, +7 GMT). Stay tuned!
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Samsung Forum 2012, Bangkok, Here We Come!

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In less than 8 hours, I will be hopping on a plane to Bangkok where the Samsung Forum 2012 will be held. I’ll be part of a 16-strong Malaysian contingent consisting of mainstream & online media and publications including NTV 7, Stuff, CHIP, PC.Com,, HWM, T3, just to name a few. The exclusive forum will be held at the Bangkok Convention Centre from March 14-19 where they will also be visiting delegates from Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia.
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