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Celebrate New Year’s Eve with BlackBerry Music Mania Concert & Carnival


Research In Motion (RIM) is inviting music lovers and the public alike to usher in the new year with a bang at the BlackBerry Music Mania Concert & Carnival, set to excite on 31 December 2012 at Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam. The scorching concert line-up includes the ever-popular band from Indonesia, Sheila On 7, local rock scene supremos Hujan and Bunkface as well as the country’s foremost hip-hop family, Kartel, featuring Joe Flizzow, Altimet, SonaOne and Ila Damiaa.

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RIM Updates Developer Ecosystem, Dev Alpha Devices

BB Dev Alpha C. Image credit:

BB Dev Alpha C. Image credit:

At BlackBerry Jam Asia, Bangkok, Thailand, Research In Motion (RIM) has announced updates to its developer ecosystem programs, as well as BlackBerry Dev Alpha devices, the 10k developer commitment, with updated tools and more. These programs continue to drive enthusiasm and momentum of the BlackBerry 10 platform as it approaches its official launch in Q1 2013.

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BlackBerry 10 Devices “Leaked” at Lakers Game

BB10. Image credit: Techcrunch

BB10. Image credit: Techcrunch

A publicity stunt disguised as a leak? Highly likely. RIM CEO Thorsten Heins and Vice President Andrew Bocking were at a Lakers game openly using BlackBerry 10 devices. They were not at all hiding the handsets, happily snapping photos of the game.

The handsets do not look like the unfinished Dev Alpha devices. They in fact look pretty much like consumer-ready versions that are set to be officially released in February 2013.

PR stunts aside, RIM seriously needs to step up to the plate having missed the big holiday sales season. February 2013 is late, but let’s hope the Canadian handset maker delivers on time. It may just be the (final) shot in arm they need to stay relevant in the mobile game.

In any case, it’s nice to see some finished tangible product from RIM. BlackBerry 10 looks hot, but it certainly takes more than tech to compete.

Source: Techrunch

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