OS X Mavericks

New iWork Dumbed You Down? Apple Will Fix That


Image credit: Apple

When Apple announced that the new iWork productivity suite will be available for free for all Mac users, consumers rejoiced. Along with the snazzy new OS X Mavericks update, Apple also released new version of its Pages, Numbers and Keynote apps. The new versions feature new UI and built from ground up as 64-bit applications for both Mac and iOS. Some users accused the new iWork as being ‘dumbed down’ however, as the new suite had glaringly missed features that were in previous versions.

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[How to] Extract Images From Apple Pages 5.0 Document


Step 6: Here’s your image!

With the launch of the snazzy new OS X Mavericks, Apple also updated its iLife and iWork suite. The good news is that both iLife and iWork is now free for all Mac users, and the new look UI and enhanced features mean better productivity and usability. Naturally with updates, Apple does make changes to how things work, and may even remove certain functionality. Here we look at how to extract image(s) from an Apple Pages document.

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