[Review] P1 MX230 Portable and Pocket-Size 4G MiFi Modem

P1 MX230 modem

The cute modem that packs a punch

4G connectivity is beginning to gain traction in Malaysia. While some quarters debate the true definition of “4G”, none can argue that specified speeds of 3-10 times of current 3G speeds is still much welcomed. We’re lucky to have been given a chance to get up close and personal with the 4G experience. The quirky, fun 4G telco – Packet One Networks or fondly known as “P1” – were nice enough to provide us with a review unit recently to give us a taste on how fast and convenient 4G network connectivity is.

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Maxis First to Launch 4G LTE to Malaysian Customers

Maxis 4G LTE

Maxis 4G LTE. Image credit: Maxis

Maxis is starts off the new year with a bang, announcing the launch of its 4G LTE service on 1 January 2013 – the first Malaysian telco to successfully launch the “true” 4G network. Available in selected areas, customers will enjoy wireless speeds of up to 75Mbps, with typical speeds of 10 to 30Mbps. More sites will be activated soon.

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