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[Review] Gphone EVO: True octa-core power on a budget

GPhone EVO

With little fanfare, the first ever true octa-core powered smartphone – the Gphone EVO made its debut in Malaysia a little over a month ago. The Gphone brand may be relatively unknown to most, but the growing brand is already selling its line of smartphones, tablets and feature phones in five countries across Asia. You may have already checked out the unboxing pics of the 5-inch Android smartphone earlier, so following up, here’s a quick review of the device.

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[First look] Lenovo S860: Premium affordability

Lenovo S860

Lenovo took a no-holds barred approach and launched a slew of new affordable products in Malaysia last week. The higher range S-series, spearheaded by the excellent S860 is joined by the S660 and S650. Lower down is the new A-series – A859, A680 and A526. Let’s have a look at the S860, which in my opinion, is the best of the pack in terms of price-performance and value-for-money.

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[Unboxing] Gphone EVO: The true octa-core new kid on the block

GPhone EVO

Gphone Malaysia is a relatively unknown brand in Malaysia, producer of affordable mobile devices under the brand names of Gphone and Gpad. Established in Thailand, the company now has a growing portfolio of products sold in five countries across Asia. Several weeks ago, Gphone quietly released its most powerful phone to date – the Gphone EVO. In a close session with other selected media, I met up with Gphone and MediaTek representatives.

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[First impressions] Xiaomi Redmi: Rock-solid, value-for-money smartphone

Xiaomi Redmi

It’s amazing to see how much the budget- to mid-range smartphone market has changed over the past year. The price-to-performance ratio continues to be redefined, sometimes by the usual bigwigs like Samsung, Sony or Nokia, and sometimes by young upstarts like Xiaomi. The rise of the China mobile brand has been phenomenal, and it is set for a proper presence in Malaysia. We couldn’t wait of course, and got our hands on the Xiaomi Redmi from Singapore, just S$169 retail. You may have already checked out the unboxing pics, so read on for a quick first impressions.

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[First impressions] HP Slate6 VoiceTab: HP’s new ‘voice-enabled tablet’

HP Slate 6

The last real mobile device from HP was the HP Pre 3 in 2011, one of a handful of products from the Palm and WebOS acquisition. Early this year at the 2014 Mobile World Congress (MWC) however, the US tech giant announced two mobile products to mark its return into the mobile segment – the HP Slate7 VoiceTab and HP Slate6 VoiceTab. The two mid-rangers are targeted at the Asian and Japanese market, a tentative if calculated first step. I’ve had the HP Slate6 Tab for a couple of weeks, launched with Malaysian MVNO RedOne.

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