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U Mobile Hero Plus Postpaid lets you share 10GB of data and unlimited calls for MYR50 extra

Being the underdog, U Mobile has consistently packed value into its postpaid and prepaid mobile plans. Last year, it rolled out the sizzling Power Prepaid pack followed by the epic Hero Postpaid P70. Just last week, it refreshed its Power Prepaid plan with even more free data. It isn’t quite resting on its laurels though. It has just introduced the enhanced ‘Hero Plus’ plan, bringing even more data and value.

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U Mobile HERO Postpaid P70: Is this the best postpaid plan in town?

Having a mobile phone these days isn’t just about calls and texting anymore. Consumers are simply consuming more and more data. Telcos have responded with more value-packed deals offering more data, more calls and text, for less. If there’s one telco that’s really upping the game is U Mobile. Its popular P70 plan has now been renamed HERO Postpaid P70 to reflect recent upgrades it has incorporated into the previous iteration. Continue Reading

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