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Google Maps car icon

Google Maps now lets you “change your car”

Google Maps is making wayfinding a little more fun. With Waze being a Google ...

Google Street View MNS

Now you can catch Google Street View of the Peninsula Malaysia coastline

Google has just released new Street View imagery of the Peninsula Malaysia coastline, a ...

New Google Maps

Google To Roll Out New Google Maps for Desktop

A new version of Google Maps is set to hit your desktop in the ...

Google Street View Car

Google Street View Car Crashes Into Buses, and More

How’s this for ‘making an entrance’? A Google Street View car hit a bus ...


Google Brings Street View to Malaysia, Publishes Special Malaysian Street View Images

With the full support of Tourism Malaysia in tow, Google drove its Street View ...

Google Maps for Android

Google Maps for Android Gets Turn-By-Turn Navigation with Voice Guidance in Malaysia

Google Maps, the market leader in mapping across platforms, has finally made turn-by-turn navigation ...

Google Maps for iOS

Google Trounces Apple Yet Again—The Map Battle Isn’t Over

Anyone who’s been online over the last few months has probably heard about it—Apple ...

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