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[Update] Apple says sorry for iPhone slowdown, offers USD29 battery replacement for a year

Apple has landed itself in hot water the last couple of weeks after it admitted that it deliberately reduced processor speeds on iPhones with old batteries. The move was purportedly to preserve battery life and reduce unexpected shutdowns.

[Update: 4.30PM, 30.12.2017] Battery replacement program is in effect immediately, through December 2018.

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Buy the iPhone X for less than MYR5,000? Yes, you can

A mention of the iPhone X (it’s “ten” by the way, not “ex” *snigger) and the first thing that comes to mind is “oh that notch” and “5,000 bucks for a phone?” Retailing at MYR5,199, it’s undeniable that Apple’s greatest device is also the most expensive it has ever made. It’s just been week since Apple officially released the iPhone X in Malaysia, but this hasn’t stopped retailers offering it for less. Continue Reading

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