South Korean Diablo 3 Gamers Get Full Refund from Blizzard

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In case you have really no idea what is going on, Diablo 3 was launched with tons of bugs and multiple amount of server malfunctions were reported by angry gamers and cybercafe owners. One thing lead to another and the South Korean Fair Trade Commission (FTC) decided to investigate Blizzard’s Korean Office (Seoul) and raided it. (Not the typical WoW Raid, you know). Conclusion, a full refund towards the Diablo 3 was offered… with some conditions. Don’t mess with Korean gamers.

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As long as they are under Level 40, a full refund is possible from June 25th to July 3rd. On the other hand, players exceeding Level 40 will get no refund.

Blizzard’s original refund policy, (only applicable if product not in use) has now been changed by the South Korea’s law of product returns within seven days as long as the problems are not caused by the customer. Players that are below Level 20 within two weeks of purchase are also eligible to return to Blizzard.

Tough love. I would say. Tough Love.

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