Sony’s new Xperia smart product concepts paint an intriguing communications future

Sony Xperia Agent
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Sony kicked off day one of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 with a re-imagined Xperia brand – spearheaded by its first “X” series smartphones and Xperia Ear Bluetooth headset. It also introduced an all-new Xperia smart product concept range, a communication vision with “machine learning, natural user interface and sensing.”

Sony Xperia Ear
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Xperia Ear

The only Xperia smart product that will officially come to market is the Xperia Ear – Sony’s next-generation wireless ear-piece. It will feed you with useful information like your schedule, weather and latest news via voice. Sony’s advanced voice technology helps the tiny earpiece respond to your verbal commands.

So ask it to make a call, perform a web search, dictate a message or navigate to a location. Just don’t ask it to make coffee. That, will have to take another decade (or maybe less).

It connects to your Android smartphone (what? No iOS?) via NFC or Bluetooth.

It’s lightweight and comfortable to wear and comes with a Zippo-lighter type case that doubles as a charger. Pretty neat. It comes with IPX2 water-protection and backed by all-day battery life.

The Xperia Ear is set to hit the market starting Summer 2016.

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Xperia Eye

The Xperia Eye is an ultra-compact, lightweight, wearable wide-angle lens camera. It can be worn around the neck, attached to clothing or compatible accessories. It integrates Sony’s camera and sensing technology, and features a 360-degree spherical lens.

What’s cool is that it comes with intelligent shutter technology that uses facial and voice recognition to capture images. Never miss life’s most precious moments.

Xperia Projector

The Xperia Projector is minimalist, cool and interactive (yes I want one). Designed to project on any clear surface, the smart device will respond to touch, voice and gestures.


Xperia Agent

Want a smart personal assistant at home? We’ll get there soon enough. The Xperia Agent concept is as intriguing as it looks. Looking almost like your personal droid, it responds to your voice and gestures.

Like the Xperia Projector, it projects useful information on flat surfaces and you can use it as a communication device and for controlling your home appliances. It has a built-in camera for face recognition and image capture.

I’d love have this in my home in the near future. No word on when these concepts will be commercialized, but for now we’ll just have to wait. Hopefully not for too long.

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