Sony’s Carbon Fiber Sheets Better Than Thermal Grease?

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Thermal grease is a common component in computers, well, at least for most of our computers. Thermal grease is primarily used in the electronics and computer industries to assist a heat sink to draw heat away from a semiconductor component such as your processor. In an attempt to find alternatives and improve on such needs, Sony has released an innovative technology, introducing their very own  prototype of carbon fiber sheets, which could replace the thermal grease in the future.

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The carbon fiber sheets are known by its prototype name EX20000C. These sheets are about 2mm thick and seem to be able to lower the processor temperature 3 Celsius lower than what thermal grease can achieve.

Applying the sheet is simplified and safer, putting the sheet in place instead of applying a gel or grease. This potential improves the safety when dealing with electronics and avoids any spillage of the grease since no grease is involved. The sheets also have an added advantage of helping to dampen noise, a bonus which the thermal grease does not provide.

However, Sony says that it will be released as a server-based product first, before it moves on to other end-user products. The possibility of licensing to other cooling specialists could be in the list for Sony as well.

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Well techies, guess this is an eye-opener for many. Guess overheating problems will be a thing of the past. (or, we’ll just make more powerful stuff that will eventually need something else)

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