Sony Malaysia Appoints Zizan Raja Lawak for Sony Raya Style Promotion

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Sony is kicking off its festive Sony Raya Styla campaign with the appointment of local entertainer Zizan Razak aka Zizan Raja Lawak as brand ambassador. The Sony Raya Styla runs from 26 June to 18 August 2013. Last month, Sony also appointed Lisa Surihani as Sony camera’s brand ambassador, following the launch of the Sony NEX-3N campaign.

 Zizan is also the appointed worldwide Smurf Ambassador together with Ryan from, along with 40 other ambassadors from 28 countries. The Smurfs 2, a Sony Pictures Studio production will be released in local cinemas on 8 August, with a locally-dubbed version in Bahasa Melayu, featuring Zizan as Vanity and Lisa Surihani as Smurfette.

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