Satria R3 – Booked! (but not without hassle!)


I’ve never been this excited or nervous about a car. Seriously wierd. It was much anticipated. In fact, I grew so impatient I was logging on to the ProtonEdar site at 2.00pm. Kiasu! Bookings for the race-bred Satria R3 began at 3.00pm sharp today. When the official R3 booking page came up at 3.00pm, I was number 2.

But much as I expected it, the credit card transaction did not go through. Fuck. This cannot be happening, I whined. After multiple attempts, the online transactions were still timing out. I gave Adian (Head of the R3 project a call), telling him about the problem. He checked with the credit card transaction provider and called me back later. 3.15pm and still no confirmation of the car.


Reloaded the page. 129 units left.


Then 127 units.

According to Adian, Proton Edar has been getting numerous calls pertaining the payment gateway as well. I called my credit card company to check. They told me that my transaction actually already gone through, but for some reason, the Proton Edar web did not give me a summary or notice that it did. Called Adian again to tell him that my transaction was recorded.

After some checking, Adian informed me that my transaction did actually go through and all my info was captured. Phew! An R3 representative would be calling me tomorrow. Yippee! I’m so happy!

I know, I know, it’s just a car! And it’s not even a Beemer M3 or Porsche Carrera GT! Sometime I find it really puzzling myself. All this excitement and trouble because of a car! 😀

Hello to the new, farewell to the old…
By the way, I have a UK-spec Proton Persona 1.8 SEi sedan for sale. Specs as follows:

1996/99 Proton Persona 1.8 SEi sedan (UK-spec)
4G93P Single-cam MPI engine
Mileage: 120,000 miles
Pipercross drop-in filter with cold-air intake
Mivec header with custom heat shield
Custom downpipe + 2″ stainless steel exhaust system
Apexi muffler
Lightweight cam pulley
MMC engine mounts (new)
MMC timing belt, bearings (new)
Bosch Super 4 plugs
Q8Oils SW10-50 FT fully-synthetic engine oil

Brakes + Suspension Kit
Front – EBC Blackstuff + stock disks
Rear – stock disks and pads
APM R-Tech short-stroke absorbers
Eibach Pro-Kit Springs

Rims + Rolling Stock
16″ 6-spoke JRD on Falken Ziex 512

Stock 2K purple (newly repainted in Feb ’04)
MIVEC/Mirage bumper, fender + lips
MMC Electronic flippable side-mirrors
Rare Daihatsu bee-sting antennae
Original GSR rear spoiler

Stock with GTi console
Sports pedals

Stock Blaupunkt cassette headunit
4 speakers

Car serviced every 5000-6000km, no major accidents.

Interested? Drop me a line. RM37,000 o.n.o


By Vernon

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Hm…only RM5K more than? Quite a deal then! I’m sure those upgrades would amount to an amount far more than RM5k! And they must have some sort of special club for owners right?



BerukBoy + Izuan,

Thanks for posting fellas! BB, the car is fully loaded. No need to mod anymore (unless you still want to and money is no object!). And yes, it is RM77K. The GTi is actually RM72K.

Congratulations! Only 130 being sold, how exclusive. How much did it cost again?

Eh, only RM77K? I thought the stock GTi was more than that. I guess i was wrong.

And Berukboy, goodluck trying to drive a mustang with the steering wheel on the other side. Although i must admit, having a Knight Rider sensor on the front would look very cool 🙂

-izuan- (the first commentor too, forgot to leave my name :P)

Whaaaaaat????!!!! 77k? How much is it going to cost *after* you mod it? But hey, who am I to talk? I’m a sucker for gadgets (just got myself an HP Ipaq h6315) yet I have no driving licence (revoked in ’95, have to retake).

According to my fiancee, if it was up to me, I would have a super-tweaked car (probably a mustang) with an illuminated undercarriage, a Knight Rider sensor at the front, steel rims, an airbrush job (probably make it look like a Decepticon car — yes, there were a few! They weren’t all jets, you know!), faux-leather interior, faux-wood dashboard, racing accessories (even though I actually always abide by the speed limit – I’m a little anal that way) and a 40% tint-job. Yes, I know, I am totally ah beng which for a Malay guy is nigh-high impossible.

Damn cool car, dood. Hope it’s worth the shekels.

150 units actually. Going for RM77,880 incl insurance+road tax and plenty of excitement! 🙂

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