It’s the smart time to switch to Samsung: Here’s why and how

Samsung #iChanged Smart Switch
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Moving from one smartphone to another could potentially be daunting, especially if involves migrating from a completely different operating system altogether like Apple’s iOS. Even migrating from different flavours of Android can be intimidating; you may be worried about your data, your photos, contacts. And it could even be something as simple as apps that you take for granted—like Google Maps, Google Drive, and YouTube.

People change smartphones for different reasons. It could be because they have affinity for a particular brand. Or they like the design of the smartphone. Perhaps the long battery life. The amazing screen. Maybe the professional-grade camera. Or security. It could be one reason. It could be all of the above.

Regardless the reason, Samsung is urging consumers to make the smart move—to a Samsung Galaxy device that is. The company has just kicked off the second iteration of its #iChanged campaign, where it shows, through a series of videos, how these challenges and decisions can be overcome through innovative tools available on the new Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy S10 series. 

Samsung #iChanged
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The #iChanged campaign documents 10 important and common situations that many consumers often find themselves in. Nonetheless, with tools like Samsung’s Advanced Super-Steady video recording, Samsung DeX, all-day battery, S-Pen, Samsung Knox, familiar Google services and tools, these issues are easily resolved.

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And to switch over to the latest Galaxy Note10 or Galaxy S10 is easy, thanks to Samsung’s Smart Switch app. The app makes it simple to transfer all your files, photos, videos, music, contacts, and app over seamlessly from your old phone. The great thing is, it doesn’t matter if you’re porting from another Android device, or an iPhone. Both platforms are supported.

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