Samsung Galaxy Note9

A modern smartphone can boast the most powerful processor, the biggest display and cramp the most megapixels into the camera. But sometimes, all it takes is just one key thing. Especially when it comes down to a device as unique as the Samsung Galaxy Note9. You see, there’s nothing quite like it. The secret weapon? The S Pen.

The debut of the original Galaxy Note didn’t just catapult the industry into the phablet era, but also birthed a new way of interacting with our mobile screens. In one fail swoop, the Galaxy Note became the every day notepad, a canvas for lightbulb moments and the device that could get real work done.

And guess what? It’s now even better.

Fundamentally, the S Pen is still the stylus we recognise and have come to love except for two new things. The venerable stylus is now equipped with Bluetooth technology (BLE) and a supercapacitor (battery). It has a 30-minute battery life and when juice is low, simply slide the S Pen back into the Note9 silo and it’ll rapidly charge up in 40 seconds. Yes, just 40 seconds and off you go.

One thing to note: even if the battery is drained, you can still use original S Pen functionalities like doodling or jotting down notes.

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You may be wondering, why Bluetooth in the S Pen? That’s a great question.

Thanks to Bluetooth, the S Pen can now function as a remote control and you can interact with different apps. For example, you can hold down the S Pen button for a few seconds and it will launch the camera. Click on the button once and it will take a picture. Or click the button twice to switch between front and back cameras.

The cool thing is, you can customise the S Pen Remote function with the list of supported apps inclusive of the camera, gallery, media, Chrome and Office Editor.

When you’re traveling solo, use the S Pen to take pictures so you won’t need that “Instagram boyfriend” or “Instagram girlfriend.”

You can also use the S Pen to navigate within the Gallery – click once to go forward, and twice to go to the previous image.

Likewise, you can use it as a remote during a Powerpoint slide presentation or use it with the Galaxy Note9’s voice recorder.

Samsung Galaxy Note9

These new additions aside, the S Pen is a fantastic note-taking tool and It even works when the Note9’s screen is off. Simply remove the S Pen from the device and start scribbling on the screen.

Many creative people love the Note9 because the S Pen together with the amazing 6.4-inch Infinity Display make the perfect creative canvas on the go. No matter when or where, it’s always ready to pen down your thoughts and ideas.

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Samsung Galaxy Note9

That’s not all of course. You can use the S Pen to send Live Messages and add personal touches to your AR Emoji.

Who would have thought a little yellow pen could hold so much power, huh?

For everything Samsung Galaxy Note9, head over here.

This post was brought to you exclusively by Samsung Malaysia Electronics.


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