Samsung Galaxy Note9: The ultimate on-the-go creative weapon

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Creative
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Smartphones these days are so much part of our daily lives. They’re our go-to device for everything from staying in touch with family and friends, work and play, capturing memories, and more. For a device like the Samsung Galaxy Note9, it’s all that and even more. Thanks to the innovative and unique S Pen, it’s also a creative tool and creative canvas.

Cliched as it may sound, the pen is mightier than the sword. The all-new S Pen is an all-powerful, versatile 4-inch stick. It’s your note-taker, doodler, marker, highlighter, pencil, chalk, brush and pen.

Thanks to its newly acquired Bluetooth (BLE) capability, it can also double up as a remote control. Yes, a remote control to launch the camera, or navigate the phone gallery. It’s got a 30-minute battery life and when it’s low on juice, all you need to do is slide it back into the Note9 and it’ll be up and running in just 40 seconds.

You can also use it to control a Powerpoint slide presentation or control the

phone’s Voice Recorder app. There’s much more of course, with the Remote function customisable for different apps.

But by far, my favourite use for the S Pen is as a creative tool. And I’m not the only one who thinks so. Creative people love the Galaxy Note9 and the S Pen. From the expansive, colour accurate 6.4-inch Quad HD Infinity Display to the lag-free, precise, pressure-sensitive S Pen.

Being the compulsive doodler and sketcher that I am, the Galaxy Note9 equips me with an instant “pen and paper” when inspiration strikes.

And while I love being able to draw and sketch in an app like Sketchbook, the Galaxy Note9 allows me to sketch without even firing up any app. Thanks to Screen Off Memo, all I need to do is slide the S Pen out and I can immediately draw on the screen. I don’t even have to unlock the screen beforehand.

The S Pen offers 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity, so it feels natural and offers unmatched response and accuracy.

Drawing feels natural and Samsung has even built-in scratchy sound effects to simulate pen to paper. Neat!

The Galaxy Note9 is available in Midnight Black, Metallic Copper, Ocean Blue and Lavendar Purple. The 128GB model retails for MYR3,699 while the 512GB model goes for MYR4,599.

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