Samsung is canceling all Galaxy Fold pre-orders

Customers to receive USD250 store credit as consolation
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Samsung is emailing customers to cancel all pre-orders of the Galaxy Fold while it “rethink[s] the entire customer experience” surrounding the sale of the phone, The Verge reports

It’s a perculiar move seeing that the company is close to releasing the problem-riddled (but fixed) futuristic phone. It is confirmed that the company is cancelling all Galaxy Fold pre-orders placed online through Samsung. As a consolation, Samsung is offering customers USD250 credit for use at the Samsung store.

This will likely disappoint customers who genuinely want the phone, though, as generous as the compensation may be.

As cited in the Samsung email to customers, the canceled pre-orders are due to the company wanting to “ensure that you have the best possible experience with this revolutionary new technology.” Subsequently, the company is rethinking the entire customer experience including purchasing, unboxing, and post-purchase service.

Samsung has not reopened preorders for the fixed Galaxy Fold since it opened preorder books back in April. 

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In April, selected media who reviewed the Galaxy Fold experienced various issues with the foldable display. From debris getting through the hinge and damaging the screen, to displays actually breaking after reviewers unknowingly peeled off a protective film that was meant to be permanent. 

The USD1,980 device has been “fixed” with improvements to the hinge mechanism and extended protective film (so you can’t peel it off). 

The new Galaxy Fold is set to hit sales channels on 6 September in Korea; 18 September in France, Germany, Singapore, and the UK; and “in the coming weeks” in the US.

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