[Rumor] SEGA Bidding for Relic Entertainment?

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So, will we see more Sonic in Relic's games?
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So, will we see more Sonic The Hedgehog in Relic’s games?

THQ’s asset is being auctioned off as you read now but it is closed to public and most of the media. However, rumors are running around that SEGA and some other bidders are taking the big slices of THQ’s assets.

SEGA is believed to be the highest bidder for developer Relic Entertainment who brought you the Dawn of War: Warhammer 40,000 series and Company of Heroes. This actually sounds really good since SEGA has been involved with the Total War series for quite a while with The Creative Assemble, the developer of the game.

Koch Media, the publishers of Dead Island is also in the fray bidding for Volition Inc. who developed the Saints Row series and Red Faction series.


Both of these companies are cashing in on the situation of THQ’s position. It will really bring great rewards as some of these developers are releasing big title this year such as Company of Heroes 2 and a rumored new Warhammer 40,000 game.

Vigil, the developer of Darksiders has no news on who will be bidding for them. That seems pretty sad with the recent release of Darksiders 2. It received a lukewarm response and now THQ’s bankruptcy? Vigil seems to be having a tough start to the year.

Let’s see what happens…maybe Ubisoft could buy them all?

P/S: Oh why, oh why….I am going to miss THQ and its games….*sniff sniff ~ Moses

Source: VG247

Pics: Gametrailers

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    Is it just a rumor?

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