[Rumor] Increase in E-sports Tournaments in Malaysia for 2013

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Are you an eSports fan? Well, according to multiple sources, there will be a larger number of eSports events in Malaysia this year. We’ve gotten wind that independent DoTA 2, League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth tournaments are in planning, not to mention official tournaments that have been announced as well. That’s good news for eSports teams and their fans, as we get to see more of them in action.


Also in the pipeline is the possibility of new competitive titles, such as World of Tanks and their recently revealed World of Warships setting up a scene here in Malaysia. While we’ve seen a massive decline in major eSports events since 2005, our only hope is that our new found friends will continue contributing to the eSports scene. As for you, my dear friend, keep playing and keep supporting these events!

As for us, we’ll continue bringing you as much information as we can on these events! So stay tuned!

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