Reasons Why Smartphones Could Replace Gaming Consoles

iPod touch gaming. Image credit: Arstechnica
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iPod touch gaming. Image credit: Arstechnica
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iPod touch gaming. Image credit: Arstechnica

Smartphones are now used not only for calls and messages but also for other purposes like multimedia streaming, electronic book reading, accessing office files and documents, and gaming. Gaming consoles have been developed and produced for decades already. They evolved over the years, catering to gamers’ demands across different generations.

The trend of using gaming consoles for dedicated gaming experienced a sudden decrease lately because of smartphone’s increase in popularity these past few years. Many people choose smartphones over other devices because of its diverse functionalities and uses. A typical smartphone usually integrates the functions of a digital camera, PDA, regular mobile phone system and many others. Below are some reasons why smartphones could replace gaming devices in the near future.

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Are days of portable gaming consoles numbered?

Carry it in your pocket everywhere

Mobility and portability are the primary reasons why people use smartphones for its variety of uses including gaming. Although there are also handheld gaming devices capable of running games that can be carried everywhere, such wide availability of portable gaming devices does not stop people from using their smartphones for playing. They tend to simplify their lives by just carrying one device for all their needs.

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The idea of playing games without the use of supporting accessories like controllers, gamepads, game cartridges or disks, and cables simplifies gaming leading to the increasing use of smartphones. With this, smartphones will have a slight advantage in terms of simplicity and portability.

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Wii-ll conventional gaming consoles survive the onslaught of mobile gaming?

Innovations in input technology

Smartphones are capable of using advanced input technologies for its functions and apps. These technologies can also be used to develop and play games through it. These input technologies include, touch sensitive screens, gravity sensor, Global Positioning System (GPS), and a built in gyroscope for measuring orientations such as tilt and rotations. Applying this to games increases its playability and uniqueness.

It feels good to play games where your character responds to your every move with accuracy and precision just like Temple Run, the Walking Dead video game and more. Some games are capable of using GPS, wherein your character in game is affected by the environmental factors you experience in real life, such as local weather and date or time.

More advanced graphics

Before, mobile phones use displays based on simple graphics, like monochromatic and low resolution screens and smaller display area. These may prove as a hurdle during earlier times because of various graphics limitations. This is not the case now that smartphones are powered by faster processors, larger memory, and more advanced graphics.

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Developers are now shifting to smartphone gaming apps development and publishing because of its increasing popularity and user base. Some games are also developed with this graphics capability of smartphones in mind. Several games even exhibit stunning 3D graphics and realistic environments. People can now enjoy quality games in terms of graphics that they believed they could only play on dedicated gaming consoles several years ago.


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