Proton R3 Amprex Wins MME2005!


The jubilant Proton R3 Amprex Racing Team. Pic courtesy of Autoworld

After taking pole position at the 2005 Merdeka Millenium Race, the Proton R3 Amprex Racing Team took the chequered flag convincingly.

Malaysia’s top driver Tengku Djan ended a long personal five-year wait to claim the Merdeka Millennium Endurance (MME) crown; which he described as a bigger victory for the modified Lotus Exige 300RR than his personal glory.

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Partnering former Japan GT driver and owner of Amprex Motorsports Genji Hashimoto and Tony Riccirdello of Australia’s V8 Championship, the trio from Proton R3 Amprex Racing Team completed 279 laps of Sepang’s 5.543-km circuit to beat the defending champion from Honda Malaysia Racing.

A BIG congratulations for the Proton R3 Amprex Racing Team for a splendid performance. A definite step-up from the disappointment of the Super GT.

12 hours – Sepang Circuit (5.543km)

1. Tony Ricciardello/Genji Hashimoto/Tengku Djan Ley (Lotus Exige 300RR) 279 laps

1. Tony Ricciardello/Genji Hashimoto/Tengku Djan Ley (Lotus Exige 300RR) 279 laps
2. Nicholas Thomas/Clive Bates/Joe Sevack (Porsche 996) 269
3. Firhat Mokhzani/Eric Yeo/TJ Chin (Nissan Skyline R34) 265
4. Patrick Ng/Khoo Beng Swee/Khoo Kay Hong(Lotus 340R) 260
5. Tseu Chan Kee/Faizal Zelman Malik/Wira Dani Daim 253
6. Fahrizaz Hassan/Erwan Azizi/Azizi Yom Ahmad (Mitsubishi Evo 7) 239

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1. Hiroki Katoh/Eddie Lew/Farriz Fauzy (Honda Civic 2.0) 278 laps
2. Rueben Wong/Ng Eng Tiong/Jeff Wright (Honda Integra DC5) 266
3. Desmond Soh/Apathorn Karnasuta/Piti Bhirombhakdi (Mitsubishi Evo 9) 266
4. Ryo Michigami/Kunimitsu Takahashi/Tommy Lee (Honda Civic) 253
5. Shirjahan Ghouse/Freddie Chen/Jacky Ng (Honda DC5) 251
6. Jeffrey Wong/JP Chin/TP Chin (Porsche GT3) 251

1. Mark Eddy/Grant Johnson/Francois Jouy (Proton Putra) 250
2. Mal Rose/Peter Leemhuis/Richard Gartner (Proton Putra) 250
3. Shamsul Bahareen/Lim Hock San/Chin Hwa Lip (Satria GTI) 250
4. Khair Nur Ariff/Chung Kum Chew/Nizam Yazet (Satria GTI) 249
5. Choo Yong Choon/Lau Seng Kiat/Azwan Ahmat (Satria GTI) 244
6. Kazumi Mikami/Deanna Yusoff/Phillipa Yoong (Satria GTI) 244

1. Chong Fu Seong/Ee Shedden Joon Joon/Harry Chai (Honda Civic) 248
2. Loo Shok Sian/Wong Tziak Joe/Tan Kok Lam (Honda Civic) 242
3. Lee Soon Sing/Tan Kah Kin/Khoo Chee Yen (Mitsubishi Mirage) 236
4. Thomas Ong/Ee Peck Keong/Ee Peck Kim (Proton Satria) 235
5. Kenny Lee/Tai Choo Wei/Jimmy Ng (Honda Civic) 232
6. Philip Tang/Ong Yeo Han/Gun Kim Seong (Honda Civic) 228

Full write up on Autoworld
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  • <![CDATA[Anonymous]]>

    he said that because of the R3 Amprex Lotus Exige 300RR is a GT Spec car. Competiting with others road types car.. look at the 300RR, wided body, fully CF body, super lowered, and not to mention the 3.0 V6 350hp powerplant.. The only car that can almost outrun em is the Honda Civic equipped with K20AR tuned by Honda Japan specially for this race.. The honda less 1 lap than the 300RR.. But, this shows that R3 is a very good tuner from Malaysia.. Well Done!!

  • Anonymous

    It has a lot to do with HMRT claiming that their 2.0 litre Civic is a stock road car. That’s the biggest BS in a long time. You have to either be really ignorant or naive to think that you can race a road car, using stock road spec and internals. The HMRT is a factory works race car, specially developed, prepared and tuned by Honda Japan. This car will even outrun a DC-5.

    Mind you it is an endurance race. If the engine doesn’t blow, the transmission will most definitely give way. In an open class event, there are no limitations. Is fielding a Mucielago fair? A RM1million Skyline R-34 GTR?

    What is deemed unfair?

  • <![CDATA[Anonymous]]>

    its unfair for proton R3 to use a lotus to win the race.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting point of view, but why do you say that?

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