PornHub: Android still as fragmented as ever

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Google hasn’t shared Android distribution numbers since may, but an unexpected party has slipped in to fill in its shoes–Pornhub. The world’s most popular adult “edutainment” site has released its 2019 Year in Review which sheds more light (not clothes) on the matter.

A total of 46.6 percent of Pornhub visitors use Android, and out of those numbers, 48 percent run Android 9 Pie, followed by Oreo (23%), Nougat (12%), Marshmallow (8%), Lollipop (5%), and others (4%). Frankly, it’s surprising to see KitKat and JellyBean in the mix, but such is the state of Android today.

Pornhub 2019 Year in Review: Android
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Note that this data is based on the whole of 2019 and also includes devices without Google Mobile Services.

Pornhub 2019 Year in Review: iOS
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On the Apple front, things look rosier with the latest iOS 13 topping 71 percent adoption, followed by iOS 12 (24%), iOS 11 (3%), iOS 10 (1%), and iOS 9 (1%).

So, are you an Android or iOS user? (It’s a trick question).

Source: Pornhub VIA Pocketnow

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