Pokemon GO: Grab-Hotlink PokeMobile all set to help you catch Pokemons safely

Pokemon GO
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Mention Pokemon GO and people go crazy. Even though it hasn’t officially hit Malaysian shores, this hasn’t stopped fans in side-loading the game to their mobile devices, or run hacks to play the game. It isn’t a secret that the local launch is imminent, with the revelation of a Malaysian server all set to GO.

Brands are also jumping on the bandwagon. Today, two household brands–Grab Malaysia and Hotlink have joined hand to introduce PokeMobile–the safest and fastest way to hunt Pokemons.

Four Pokemon-themed limited edition Nissan Sentra Grab vehicles will be made available the first two days following the official launch of the game.

Time to GO!

Pokemon GO players can book a free ride to the nearest PokeStop by selecting the PokeMobile button on their GrabApp. Yes, free.

In addition to date, seeing how Pokemon hunting is energy-sapping for you and your mobile devices, each PokeMobile are well-equipped. You’ll find refreshments, a Grab Goodie Bag, Hotlink PokeChargers for your phone and a widescreen tablet powered by Hotlink Fast 4G.

If you’re a Hotlink customer, then you’re in luck. You’ll get an extra advantage with free USD100 worth of PokeCoins via Hotlink Cash Online when you ride in the PokeMobile. Hotlink Cash Online is Hotlink credit that can be used to purchase apps or in-app items such as PokeCoins from Google Play.

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What can USD100 worth of PokeCoins buy you?

How about 145 Pokemon lures to attract more Pokemon to any location; 145 Pokeballs and 96 egg incubators? Sounds good? Well, it is.

That’s not all. Hotlink customers will also get 10% off their PokeCoins every single time at Hotlink Cash Online. You’ll also get 10% off for in-app purchases on your favourite games and apps like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Smule, Loong Craft, Crisis Action, Mobile Strike, Castle Clash, Lords Mobile, Candy Crush Sag, Candy Crush Sofa and Last Empre World War Z. Valid until end of the year.

Head over to www.maxis.com.my/googleplay and grb.to/pokemobile for more info on the Grab-Hotlink partnership.


Pokemon GO
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Pokemon GO
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