Digi Prepaid LiVE

Digi Prepaid LIVE gives you free 8GB of data for streaming every month

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There’s no denying it. We love watching streaming videos on our smartphones. And that eats up our data quota, so it can get expensive if left unchecked. Our local telcos however, have recognized this trend and have stepped in to deliver more value to consumers. Digi is the latest to give free data to its customers who love streaming videos on mobile. Called Prepaid LiVE, this “ultimate streaming pack” gives you a whopping 8GB of free data each month.

The free data is distributed at 2GB per week. 1GB is for video while the other is for music streaming. This quota refreshes every seven days and is applicable only for 4G data.

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Supported streaming platforms include YouTube, iflix, Astro-on-the-Go, Tonton, viu, Dailymotion and HyppTV Everywhere. On the music front, offerings are aligned with Digi Music Freedom which include Spotify, JOOX, Deezer and Raku.

Digi Prepaid LiVE

Ultimate streaming pack

If you’re a hardcore binger, chances are that 8GB is not enough for you. Fret not, you can subscribe to Digi Prepaid LiVE internet plans that start from MYR10/week, or from MYR28/month.

Data is split into normal data (for browsing, emails, downloads, etc), video and music. You can use the data quota on both 3G and 4G networks.

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Digi Prepaid LiVE

That aside, Digi Prepaid LiVE also gives you unlimited calls and SMS to your 3 Buddyz, as well as 100GB of free cloud storage via the Capture App.

Each Digi Prepaid LiVE Starter Pack costs MYR12 and it comes preloaded with MYR8 airtime with a 7-day validity.

Note that if you’re an existing Digi prepaid customer, you can switch to Prepaid LiVE by dialing *128 *1*4#

For more information, visit the official Digi Prepaid LiVE page.

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  • Greater Mas

    why don’t free social chat data
    actually we use more social chat than music

    • Normal Malay

      Maybe digi guess their customers need more music rather than the social chat in life
      and give us this 1gb quota for music per week and let us more relax hahaha
      digi got a ‘funny mind-set‘!! For me 1 gb music just totally useless because seldom listen music and i spend so much quota on social chat…

      • Eric Lee

        this is strategic because if free social chat
        how they going to finish your quota and force you to add on

        • Sui AnnChang

          agree! because most of the people use social app to communicate
          for me facebook n whatsapp really used majority of my quota…

  • Sui AnnChang

    is applicable only for 4G data???
    what happen when out of that
    is that 2gb = 0 ?

    • Simon Avardea

      ya, i am facing the same things
      before i know this, i used so much and it send me your quota left 75%
      then i only realize that applicable only for 4G
      what a great trap..

      • Greater Mas

        that’s great if not how they going to earn more from us
        anyway what they launch the free is full of condition
        free doesn’t means really free so really be aware and careful

        • Eric Lee

          that’s true..
          offer weekend quota but just only for 4G which means that if no 4G there is no free quota and they allocate 1gb for video and 1gb for music only
          is that music really important than social chat
          that obviously very weird…

          • Govanni

            yup nowadays telco all put out their own weird plan for us
            it really make us annoying about that
            is that so hard to give a really great plan for us….

          • Greater Mas

            ya actually it start from maxis
            and now all telco never stop engaging all the stupid strategic
            but so far what i see just celcom not doing it only

          • Govanni

            they are doing the stupid action and never upgrade their line
            i feel quite sad and disappointed about it

          • Eric Lee

            yup that’s our sadness
            but so far this plan will be okay because free a lot of data and just two condition only after 1am and 333mb
            so after 1am watch one movie then sleep quite healthy hahaha

      • Eric Lee

        that’s right
        others offer weekend quota but just only for 4G which means that if no 4G there is no free quota what a good trap for those guys
        and they allocate 1gb for video and 1gb for music only
        is that music really important than social chat
        that obviously very weird…

    • Eric Lee

      yup since they just for 4G and they think their coverage is good but the fact is really bad
      so many areas don’t have 4G…
      anyway it just free 1 gb for video n 1 gb for music per weekend

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