Players Sentenced to 15 Years Jail Over Currency Theft

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Don’t ever dare threaten anyone to hand you virtual in-game money or you might end up in prison for a long time. This might sound like a joke to you until you read the next line.

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According to the New York Post, “Humza Bajwa is accused of pulling a realistic-looking gun on David Emani in an attempt to force the transaction. Emani, who was acting as a representative for coin-owner Jonathan Dokler, met Bajwa in a Fordham University classroom and became suspicious when he noticed the $3,300 in cash that Bajwa had agreed to pay looked fake.”

What really happened after that is Emani advised Dokler to call the deal off, Emani insisted and continued on with the transaction that lead to a second meeting, the following night. An original $100 bill was presented, however Emani accused it of being fake. Then, Bajwa pulled out a realistic looking BB gun. Emani could not believe he was to get shot over Runescape and he thought he was about to die.

Bajwa took his money and the cops busted him on 24th July. He was charged with a second-degree robbery and received a penalty up to $20,000 bail.

Some people need to learn that -“What happens in Azeroth, stays in Azeroth”. This heist, definitely wasn’t worth it.

Source via PCgamer



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