Play as Vergil For Upcoming Devil May Cry’s DLC

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It’s called Vergil’s Downfall – nice, simple and straightforward title for this new upcoming 2013 DLC. Well, fans might have known that Dante has a twin brother and his character will be playable on Vergil’s Downfall.

The DLC will go live on PSN and XBLA for $9 (720 MS Points) in early 2013, and Capcom confirm that it will not be in game-disc DLC release. Pre-orders made through Gamestop or EB Games will be getting a code to download, together with an additional Samurai Weapon Pack, free of charge.


Good news for everyone. But,  what happened to the PC? No statements on that for the moment. It also confirmed on the video that his favorite katana, Yamato, will be back for more swash-slashing action.

According to Capcom, there will be new stages, chapter, consisting of hours of new gameplay, unlockables and leaderboards, summing up to a very sizeable pack that’s definitely worthwhile. It also comes with four levels of difficulties to choose from.

Enjoy the trailer below.

Source: Capcom


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