Halo 4 Sales Reach $220 Million on First Day

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A few more million and I will get to buy that ship. Space Pirate has always been my lifelong dream.

Microsoft has achieved an unbelievable sales record by a whopping $220 Million in the first 24 hours of launch of its much-touted Halo 4game. However, they estimated that Master Chief will help them to achieve $300 million in global sales by tomorrow. This officially makes the Halo franchise earn around $3.38 billion to date.

The figures on how many copies were actually sold was left unknown. But, the company did mention that over 4 million players have logged into the game.


Now, we’ve just been through a Midnight Launch for Black Ops II. Let’s see who fairs better in this so called “Number Game.” Will it Master Chief or Alex Mason?

Source: Joystiq

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