MyVI vs Savvy : The great Malaysian debate

Proton Savvy vs Perodua Myvi
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Perodua’s MyVI and Proton’s little Kei-car Savvy seems to be caught in an intense battle for honours. From what I gather and observe in forums and blogs, the bigger MyVI seems to have the upper hand. At times not due to merit alone, but mostly echoed by the negative sentiments about Proton.

In the quest of finding the most impartial, subjective view of both cars, I’ve stumbled upon the review by veteran car enthusiast and writer Chips Yap, on Motortrader. Thanks to Paul Tan for the links.

The write-up on the Savvy was especially good, how a review should be. Precise and detailed, backed up by facts, balanced by neutrality and personal experience with the car. Thumbs up.

The MyVI article has less detail but enough to highlight the many strengths of the MyVI.

In the end, in a nutshell, the MyVI and Savvy are good efforts from both national car companies. And they serve different markets altogether – the MyVi being a mini-MPV in the same class as the Hyundai/Inokom, Atos, Honda Jazz, Chevy Aveo and Hyundai Getz; while the Savvy in the under 1.3litre mini car category amongst the Kancils, Kelisas and rare foreign makes (can’t think of one, perhaps the Ford Ka, VW Polo?).

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Despite that, consumers have not failed to compare the two, perhaps because both satisfy a certain price point, and perhaps due to the fact that both are national cars.

Personally, my opinion is that the MyVI is a car for small families. Well-built, comfortable, reliable. The Savvy on the other hand is stylish, sporty and a good handler. Proton and Perodua have different ideology about the cars they make. Proton tends to portray a ‘sportier’ image, very much reflected in the styling of the newer Gen.2 and Savvy models.

It all boils down to personal choice. Good effort by both though, I stand proud.

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