Snow Leopard Kext Error

Since upgrading to Snow Leopard (subsequently version 10.6.1), I’ve been getting error messages such ...

Snow Leopard. In progress.

It’s gonna take 43mins.  Sent from my iPhone Posted via email from vernieman’s posterous

Topless car wash

Topless Car Wash in the Lion City

A CAR wash in Singapore is offering customers a “one-day only erotic experience” of ...

Lego Dock

Rotating iPhone dock made from Lego

I’ve been on a hunt for a DIY docking station for my iPhone. This ...

Jalur Gemilang

Happy Birthday, Malaysia

To beloved Malaysia and Malaysians all around the world. Happy Merdeka!

My favourite Yasmin Ahmad TVC – Tan Hong Ming’s Love

This is certainly my favourite Yasmin Ahmad video. Kak Yas not only had balls, ...