ASUS Malaysia & NVIDIA Presents Gamer Gathering


Attention to all Malaysian gamers,  ASUS and NVIDIA have joined forces  to bring you the epic ASUS & NVIDIA Gamer’s Gathering 2013 (ANGG). In ANGG, participants will have the opportunity to interact directly with NVIDIA representatives regarding its GPU and GTX technologies. Gamers can also expect to learn how to enhance their gaming experience through NVIDIA software tools in this event. ANGG will also be giving away one-of-a-kind ROG|NVIDIA keychains to attendees!

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New Spider Mech for MechWarrior Online in January

Less QQ, More Pew Pew

Less QQ, More Pew Pew

Rejoice, MechWarrior fans! New content has been added to MechWarrior Online and there’s more to come! “After a much-needed break over the holidays, we’re raring to go with exciting 2013 content updates,” said Bryan Ekman, creative director, Piranha Games. “The addition of community-focused features such as the Double XP event, new Mechs and performance tweaks let’s us kickoff the New Year in a big way. This is just the beginning of a huge year for MechWarrior fans.”

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Longer Doesn’t Mean Better: Devices that Stay On Longer Are Not the Best

Stormtroopers charge iPhone. Image credit: Business Insider

Stormtroopers charge iPhone. Image credit: Business Insider

Everyone usually has a gadget or two within reach, especially when they’re on the go. In fact, everything is going so fast these days that many people take their smartphones or tablets with them everywhere, so they can work from anywhere – even from bed. It’s a common joke these days that everyone is turning into “pod people” because we are always ducking our heads down to check our devices for one reason or another.

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3 Reasons Why E-readers are Becoming More Like Print Books

LG's Electronic Paper Display (EPD) technology. Image credit: Ubergizmo

LG’s Electronic Paper Display (EPD) technology. Image credit: Ubergizmo

For hardcore paper fans, the tactile experience of reading a book can never be replicated by an e-reader. Thankfully, manufacturers are coming up with ideas that try to meld the experience of reading a book with the experience of reading through tablets. Here are some of the reasons why e-readers are becoming more like books:

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Four reasons why you should ditch your home video game console

Mobile Games - Socialcubix

Image credit: Socialcubix

Nowadays, gadgets can range from anything – a phone, a web browser, a digital camera, or a gaming device. Even smartphones and tablets can now be described as gadgets primarily used for playing games. Android, iOS, and Windows platforms are filling up their app stores with truckloads of games which can render your living room gaming console obsolete.

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[Announcement] Garena Carnival 2013 Blackshot and HoN Winners List

The Garena Carnival ended with a bang. Well, good events sure finish fast when you are having fun. Here are the winners list for Heroes of Newerth (HoN) and Blackshot. Once again, congratulations to all the winners that have won the competition in the Carnival. Thank you, Garena ! For full coverage of the event, please click here.
The Malaysia HoN National Championship Final 2012
Wow! RM 300,000

Wow! RM 300,000 – Orange Esports largest win yet.

Champion: Orange Esports

  • MrGhost
  • Shuiyu
  • XXF_
  • wangwang_
  • _dabeliuteef
HoN 1st Runner Up PORT

RM 30,000! Now that’s something.

1st Runner Up: HoNPortal Malaysia

  • `Perfection
  • ZergRush
  • SpazMo`
  • DevilBl00D
  • SpikyMelon
  • MizziMarru
HoN 2nd Runner Up MuFC (1)

Congratulations MuFC. Here’s your RM 10,000

2nd Runner Up: 20XX. Invasion MuFc Ttesport

  • Nick_Oks`
  • `kiDDo
  • c2p“
  • wiNddddz`
  • CeeWhy
Blackshot National League Grand Final
Date : 5 January 2013
They won RM 50,000. Just like that.

They won RM 50,000. Just like that.

Champion  – ATTP

  • PeaceReTuRnZ
  • Wudification
  • xDrew
  • xxAbeL
  • Wannab33
RM 5,000. How do you like that?

RM 5,000. I wonder what they’ll spend on.

1st Runner Up – ATTP.X
  • VinIsBack
  • SawZhexi
  • ZechIsBack
  • BlackSheepX
  • [L]yc3n-
Congratulations Lithara! See you next year again.

Congratulations Lithara! Better luck next year!

2nd Runner Up – Lithara
  • Litchiray
  • mooooos
  • LarcEnCieLL
  • [Ghost]CreW**
  • azizilah

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