Orcs Must Die! 2: Ridiculously Fun Orc Slaying Game Gets Sequel In Summer

Orcs Must Die! 2
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What can you expect in this new installment of Orcs Must Die? Tons of em’ (orcs and stuff). You can now enjoy slaying orcs with your friends via Steam with a wonderful addition of the two player Co-op mode. What can be more fun than bashing greenskins from more than one entry point with your partner? To make things even more interesting, a new mode and a second player has been added with a new character, The Sorceress.

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The Sorceress is a character that emphasizes on magical range attacks and confusing Orcs into joining her side to act as cannon fodder.

The game also comes with improved physics on the Orcs itself. Orcs will now suffer the effect of traps regardless of their current state of life – dead or alive. To make the game even more enjoyable, Orcs of different variations ranging from heavy to light have been added to the game.

Orcs can be killed without using traps or attacks now, save that trap as the maps are now full of interactive events such as buttons that squishes an orc via a boulder or fall into death traps.

There are also Trinkets, a feature that gives both an active and passive effect to aid the player in battle.

There are currently no plans from Robot Entertainment for porting to the X-Box Live Arcade and Macintosh.

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