OPPO’s Super VOOC Flash Charge blows everything else out of the water

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I believe that one of key challenges in smartphone ownership is battery life. I’m certain none of us aspire to be wall-huggers, and while there’s a proliferation of powerbanks, it would be awesome if our phones simply lasted longer. OPPO’s famed and patented VOOC charge, is one technology that has brought positive change in that department. At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 this morning, OPPO delivered two huge announcements. One was its groundbreaking SmartSensor and the other (no less groundbreaking, in fact) is its Super VOOC Flash Charge technology.

If there’s one annoyance aside from poor battery life on a smartphone, it’s got to be slow charge times. Remember the days of 0.5-1A chargers? I choose not to be reminded.

OPPO’s original VOOC Flash Charge introduced in its flagship Find 7 smartphone in 2014 was phenomenal. That tech is now used by over 18 million of its customers all over the world. VOOC could supply you two hours of talk time after just five minutes of charging. Now that’s pretty amazing in itself.

Companies like Qualcomm and MediaTek have their own fast charging technologies, and they’re pretty good too. Super VOOC though, takes it to the next level. Wait, that’s really an understatement. Super VOOC completely obliterates the competition.

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At the OPPO booth this morning, we were treated to a live demo on how quick Super VOOC really is. At the start of his product presentation, Alen, OPPO VP, showed that his phone had just 5% of juice left. He plugs in his Super VOOC charger on stage. By the end of his 15-minute presentation, his phone was charged up a full 100%. All 2,500mAh of it.

You read that right. 15 minutes. Full charge.

Just to put it in perspective, Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 will take one hour and 30 minutes to charge up a 2,150mAh battery from 0-100%. Seriously, it’s not even a fair fight.

Is this some sort of trickery? Magic? A rare Chinese herb?

Absolutely not. Super VOOC uses a 5V low-voltage pulse-charge algorithm that ensures a safe, low-temperature charge. It dynamically regulates the current to charge the phone in the shortest time possible.

This of course works with a customised ‘super battery,’ as well as a new adapter and connector. OPPO says it uses premium, military-grade materials. The charge technology supports micro-USB and USB Type-C interfaces.

Because it uses a low-temperature charging algorithm, Super VOOC is suitable for charging even if you’re using the phone, watching a HD video or playing a game.

I can’t wait for OPPO to integrate this into its future products, and let’s hope it comes in the form of the much-awaited Find 9. We’ll wait and see shan’t we?

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