OPPO Find X Lamborghini Edition boasts world’s fastest charging technology

0-100 percent in 35 minutes
OPPO Find X Lamborghini Edition
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OPPO unveiled its flagship Find X in Paris on Tuesday, 19 June, but that wasn’t everything the Chinese smartphone maker had up its sleeve. Emulating Huawei, the company buddied up with sports car marquee Automobili Lamborghini to roll out a carbon fibre-laden special edition number – the aptly named OPPO Find X Lamborghini Edition.

Special edition phones aren’t alien to OPPO, as it has quite a collection under its belt including the F1 Plus FC Barcelona Player’s Signature Edition, R7 Plus Barcelona Edition, OPPO F5 Red Edition and numerous other celebrity-endorsed editions.

The Lamborghini Edition, however, is by far the most premium and naturally, bears the biggest ever price tag on any OPPO device. I’ll get to that in a minute.

Let’s look at OPPO’s journey as a smartphone maker. The brand itself isn’t a premium brand, although its flagship series as well as mid-tier offerings were never considered “affordably priced.”

Now, to move from “just a brand” to somewhere in the vicinity of a premium brand… well, that’s going to take considerable effort, time, money, and resources.

Samsung has successfully moved from a mere copycat phone maker to the innovative premium smartphone leader it is now.

And Huawei, on the other hand, moved up the ranks thanks to some smart collaboration with premium brands like Leica and Pantone, while associating itself with high fashion and such. Let’s not forget the tie-up with Porsche Design.

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Taking a page out from Huawei’s books, OPPO has enticed the likes of Lamborghini to fast track its brand into the premium league. Will it succeed? Time will tell.

So, what’s the OPPO Find X Lamborghini Edition all about?

From the offset, it’s wholly cosmetic. The box is premium and special in an unmistakable Lamborghini way. The gold stamped OPPO and Lamborghini logos on the front give you a taste of how special things are in the box.

Inside, the limited edition phone is neatly tucked into an Aventador-inspired Yellow case. There’s a striking yellow USB-C charge cable and a charging brick with a Lamborghini logo emblazoned on it.

The device itself looks pretty special. On the back, the Lamborghini Edition sports a dark carbon-fibre pattern with gold OPPO and Lamborghini logos engraved on the glass body.

The Lamborghini treatment isn’t just cosmetic though. Just as how the sports marquee is associated with edgy design and speed, OPPO has injected some speed of its own into the Find X.

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Super VOOC. With a caveat.

If you remember, OPPO had demoed its Super VOOC Flash charging technology at MWC 2016. I’ve been wondering if that would ever make it out commercially or just pure vapourware.

The great news is that Super VOOC finally makes an official debut with the Lamborghini Edition.

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The regular VOOC is fast, but Super VOOC is blazing fast. While VOOC charges up a device from zero to hero in 90 minutes via a 5V4A power brick, Super VOOC does in an astonishing one-third of the time.

Super VOOC can charge up the Find X fully by pushing 50W via the new 10V/5A charger in just 35 minutes.

OPPO says 5V charging allows for efficient, low temperature charging. Its proprietary low-voltage pulse-charge system dynamically regulates current to ensure safe, sustainable charging.

It is unclear if the standard Find X can support Super VOOC speeds if the new 10V/5A power brick is used, but this is worth exploring when the phone becomes available.

Charging technology and upgraded storage aside, the Find X Lamborghini Edition packs exactly the same hardware-wise as a regular Find X.

Pricing and availability

The OPPO Find X Lamborghini Edition features 512GB of storage and is priced at a whopping EUR1,699 (MYR7,882). I know, it’s madness, and in comparison, the Porsche Design Mate RS with 256GB of storage will wipe out EUR1,695 (MYR8,016) from your bank account, although it costs considerably less in Malaysia – MYR6,999.

Want a piece of exclusivity and sports-bred performance? Give this a shot.

What say you?

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