OnePlus thinks different… releases iPhone 6/6s casing

OnePlus Think Different
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I’ve got to give OnePlus credit. Being one of the darkhorses in the mobile industry it needs to work hard and be creative. And for the most part, it has succeeded in garnering attention, although not always for the right reasons. In between its hype and gimmickry, it does produce more than decent smartphones, and one that even claims to be a future flagship killer. Its latest trick, though, in time for the holiday season, treads precariously in enemy waters.  

In a Facebook post, it cheekily commented, “We’ve been working on the perfect gift for your non-techie friends.” It even threw a “Think Different” headline for effect. I smell a lawsuit coming.

Anyways, it was of course referring to its ‘Trojan horse’ – the OnePlus Sandstone case for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s.

Made with a sturdy polycarbonate construction with a sandstone texture, it should give your iPhone much needed protection and grippiness. The same sandstone texture that OnePlus 2 owners will find familiar.

At only US$19.99 (MYR85), it’s way cheaper than brands like Otterbox.

The question is: Why create accessories for a rival brand? The short answer is: Why the hell not?

OnePlus is only making a limited number of cases in time for the holidays. Each one comes with a physical OnePlus X invite in the packaging (I’m guessing they want you to ditch you iPhone 6 for a OnePlus?). It says it’s no regular invite though, it may turn out to be a limited edition Ceramic invite or perhaps even a free device.

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If you’re not bothered about having a OnePlus logo slapped on your iPhone, it’s a pretty cheap protective case, to be honest. And the good news is, you won’t need an invite to buy one.

And if you’re looking to buy the latest OnePlus 2, you can always hop along to the Maxis Online Store to grab one. You won’t need an invite either.



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