OnePlus One makes explosive exit in owner’s pocket

OnePlus One explosion
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IA - Lazada

Here’s some sizzling news. OnePlus One‘s explosive claim to fame has been their unorthodox marketing methods but nobody expected the popular device to be literally ‘explosive.’ A customer and fan of the mobile brand recently reported that his OnePlus One device blew up in his back pocket.

The explosion ripped a hole through his jeans and also burnt the skin on his upper leg. This happened when the user was in the subway.

The incident has sparked a lengthy active thread in the offical OnePlus forums.

The OnePlus team has been quick to respond and will be replacing the phone as well as cover any loss or medical expenses incurred due to the incident.

OnePlus One
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The victim reported that the phone did get hot while charging.

Faulty batteries are not uncommon, and exploding phones are thankfully not a regular occurrence although there has been a couple of high profile cases with Samsung devices, and even Apple.

Source: GizChina

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