OnePlus 6 prototype showcases full-screen display with notch and glass back

OnePlus 6 leak
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When Apple launched the iPhone X, everyone flipped at the infamous “notch” that housed the phone’s TrueDepth camera. The Android camp especially took pleasure in criticising the “design flaw.” A couple of months on, it looks like competitors are embracing the notch.

And it isn’t just Chinese clones but even mainstream brands like ASUS and Huawei. And now, it seems OnePlus has joined the bandwagon. Google’s upcoming Android P is reportedly “notch-ready” as well.

It looks like Apple’s controversial design direction has inadvertently sparked a trend.

As leaked on PocketNow, the purported OnePlus 6 prototype looks nothing like the OnePlus 5T or OP5. The leaked hands-on shots of the prototype showcases a radically different design direction.

The prototype doesn’t just embrace the notch up front, but uses a shiny (and likely fingerprint magnet) glass back with a vertically-mounted dual-camera setup and fingerprint sensor.

The curved edges resemble the Galaxy S9 and perhaps the HTC U11.

The company recently confirmed that the OnePlus 6 is slated for a late Q2 launch, powered by the Snapdragon 845.

Granted this is a leak, and there’s no way of verifying the legitimacy of this image, but it’s still interesting to see what OnePlus could be working on with its latest flagship device.

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What do you think? Embrace the notch? Glass back?

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