Nokia Lumia 520 stops bullet, saves policeman from injury


It looks like the Nokia Lumia 520 isn’t just an awesome little budget phone, it can also save lives. In Sao Paulo, Brazil, an off-duty policeman stumbled upon a gang of robbers who were taking his family hostage at home. What transpired after shows a different side of our everyday gadgets, doubling as unlikely live-saving devices as well.

According to Brazilian newspaper, the robbers shot at the policeman after he had appeared unexpectedly at home while his family was being held hostage.

One shot missed, but another caught him in his buttocks. Fortunately for him, his trusty Lumia 520 was in his back pocket. The little (but tough) Lumia took the brunt of the damage, saving the policeman from any serious injury. His family weren’t so lucky as in the end, the robbers ran off with valuables.

We hope Microsoft picked up the story and send some new Lumias to the policeman and family for their loss. Does make for some good publicity doesn’t it? If you’ve ever had second thoughts about the Lumia, perhaps this may convince you otherwise. 🙂

Oh, BTW, I reviewed the cheap and cheerful Lumia 520 way back when.

Thanks Des Jr Lee for the tip.


By Vernon

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