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Nike+ Running App Comes to Android

NIKE has announced the launch of the Nike+ Running App for Android, reaching out to more runners outside of their crop of NIKE+ users on iOS. The world’s largest running club will give an opportunity to more athletes to experience NIKE+. Exciting news for all running enthusiasts out there!

Now optimised and tailored for Android, NIKE+ Running App for Android connects seamlessly to The in-run navigation allows runners to easily check key run stats and see their in-progress GPS maps and even change songs or get audio feedback on the go.

The app’s design is focused on motivating runners. “Next Moves” on the home screen allows runners to take part in suggested challenges – run their fastest 5K or go the distance. Runners can then track their progress and goals through their profile.

What’s the point of progress when you can’t share it to your friends and family on social networks? Call it vanity, but some call it motivation. The app makes it easy to share run summaries to Facebook or Twitter.

Launched in 2006, the NIKE+ community has grown to over 6 million runners. The community has expanded into a multi-sport ecosystem that includes Nike+ Basketball, Nike+ Training and the recently launched Nike+ Kinect Training.

Feel like running and have an Android smartphone?  Get Nike+ Running App for Android for free on Google Play.

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