New Norton Products Unleashed, Compatibility with New Features of Windows 8.1

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Norton by Symantec has announced the release of the latest versions of its award-winning Norton core security products. The new versions featured improved protection and performance and are designed for compatibility with the new features of Windows 8.1.

According to the Symantec Security Threat Report , web attacks increased 30 percent in 2012, driven by easy availability of malware toolkits and high frequency of unlatched vulnerabilities on websites.

Unknowingly, consumers can be attacked when they visit a legitimate website, putting their devices and personal information at risk. Norton’s latest releases will deliver comprehensive security required to protect devices against increasing and evolving threats.

Key enhancements of Norton’s new releases include:

  • Advanced repair – new advanced repair capabilities draw on Symantec’s Global Intelligence Network which leverages on a broader set of Internet-connected resources to repair with greater consistency.
  • Improved SONAR engine – SONAR is a behavioral-based protection engine which operates on the premise that while the physical nature of malware changes, its behaviour often does not. SONAR allows discovery and shutdown of malware that disguises its bad behaviour by operating inside legitimate Windows processes.
  • SONAR-assisted remediation and cleanup – SONAR helps with removal and cleanup of malware attempts by saving evidence of the attack for later use by Norton’s repair technologies.
  • Simpler setup and management
  • Faster performance – 15% faster boot time, 10% faster install speed and memory usage during scan (Source: PassMark, August 2013)
  • Enhanced Norton Identity Safe – Improved form filling, with drag-and-drop functionality and full vault searches directly from the toolbar.
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The latest versions of Norton 360 Multi-Device, Norton 360, Norton Internet Security and Norton AntiVirus are now available for purchase in Malaysia through various retailers and online at The MSRP for Norton 360 Multi-Device is MYR199.99, which provides one year of protection for up to five devices. The MSRP for Norton 360 is MYR 69.99, which provides one year of protection for up to three PCs. The MSRP for Norton Internet Security is MYR139.99 which provides one year of protection for up to three PCs. The MSRP for Norton AntiVirus is MYR59.99, which provides one year of protection for one PC.

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