New MacBook Airs & MacPros Coming Today?

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If the waning (and some non-existent) inventory in the Apple retail sales channels is any subtle indication that new MacBook Airs are coming, then leaked part numbers is sure to confirm the rumours. As reported by 9to5 Mac, MacPros are expected to receive an update as well. From the part numbers below, MacBook Air will come in four configurations – two for 11″ and two for 13″ models. Intel’s all-new Sandy Bridge architecture and Thunderbolt I/O are expected to be integrated in the update.

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Apple’s traditional “Good, Better, Best” configurations apply to the slew of new MacPros, with a sole config for a MacPro Server. The MacPro has not been updated since July 2010. The current line-up of MacPro desktops do not have the high-speed Thunderbolt I/O and this cannot be added on as a whole new motherboard architecture is required. Intel is scheduled to release their next-generation Xeon processors codenamed Romley, which are based on the Sandy Bridge architecture and this is expected to be ones used in the update.

I personally can’t wait for the new MacBook Airs. It’s about time to put a nail into my aging, over-the-hill Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro and upgrade! Watch for updates later today!

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  • Anonymous

    Whoaaa another upgrade ? Didn’t they just upgrade the Macbook line earlier this year ?

    • vernieman

      They upgraded the MacBook Pros, with Sandy Bridge and Thunderbolt. MacBook Airs not yet. So this will be awesome!

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