MyTeksi goes premium with GrabCar

MyTeksi, Malaysia’s #1 taxi booking mobile app recently introduced a new extension to its service – GrabCar, positioned as a premium car service. Now consumers can not only book taxis with convenience, but also ride in uber comfort and safety.

The media launch was held at the Talent Lounge at PJ Trade Centre and was graced by Anthony Tan, MyTeksi Founder and Group CEO; Nina Teng GrabCar General Manager and local personalities – Low Ngai Yuen, Kakiseni President and Freda Liu, BFM89.9 Producer and Presenter.

MyTeksi is what one would describe, a “positive change” that has revolutionised the taxi industry since its consumer rollout in June 2012. A for-profit social startup, the service has grown from strength to strength with thousands of drivers using the MyTeksi system to receive bookings. Its noble mission to make taxi bookings easier and safer has certainly disrupted the taxi industry and subsequently rocketed the startup to a market leadership position.

The service has touched thousands of lives – be it drivers and passengers across the Klang Valley, Putrajaya and Cyberjaya, Seremban, Malacca, Johor Bahru, Kuching and Penang.

MyTeksi is known as GrabTaxi regionally in Singapore, Phillipines, Vietnam and Thailand. Across the region, there’s a booking every two seconds! The app has been downloaded on over 1.2 million mobile devices and more than a quarter of a million use the app at least once a month.

A premium ride

With the success of MyTeksi, it seems natural to introduce the more premium sibling GrabCar, which also rides on its reliable and robust MyTeksi application platform.

“What has ensured MyTeksi’s success regionally has been the ability to adapt and evolve to meet our user’s needs. That’s why we are introducing GrabCar. We see an opportunity to fill a gap in the industry without taking away business from our core user base of taxis. GrabCar will give our passengers that upmarket, personalised experience, while at the same time, ensuring safe and reliable rides,” said MyTeksi Founder and Group CEO Anthony Tan at the launch.

Tan added, “GrabCar is essentially a COMPLEMENTARY service provided by MyTeksi. We found that there are times throughout the day when it is almost impossible for our customers to get taxis. Unfortunately, in this region, there is a ceiling on the number of taxi permits issued. GrabCar provides more cars on the road when people really need them, especially during peak hours. The inclusion of GrabCar as part of the MyTeksi service offers our customers access to a wider network of taxis, as well as limousine fleets.”

For the first phase of the GrabCar service rollout, GrabCar has partnered Mayflower, a renowned travel and tours agency to provide the fleet of cars. GrabCar is working with other fleet partners to put more cars on the road. The current running fleet consists of Nissan Teanas. Coverage areas include Mont Kiara, Bangsar and the Golden Triangle for starters.

Passenger safety is paramount for MyTeksi and now GrabCar, and thus drivers undergo a strict screening process before they are accepted. Drivers also need to be English-speaking, have a good track record and financial background, as well as clean traffic records.

Filling a void

GrabCar fills a gap in the industry, without cannibalising its bread-and-butter MyTeksi service. Customers who may not have considered using a regular taxi service may consider GrabCar’s more premium, personalised experience. Executives with a little more money to spend may want a more comfortable, luxurious “limo” experience.

“GrabCar provides passengers in Malaysia with all of the perks of car ownership, minus the hassles. We deliver you from doorstep to doorstep so that you don’t have to worry about parking and stressful driving conditions in KL – simply leave the driving to us. Also, safety remains our biggest priority – backed by the same safety promise as MyTeksi, we work closely with our partners to thoroughly screen drivers,” said GrabCar General Manager, Nina Teng.

For example, a comfortable GrabCar ride in a Nissan Teana from Bangsar to KLCC will only cost RM 19 during off-peak hours. Besides everyday rides, passengers can use GrabCar as the perfect transport solution for special occasions, and for chauffeuring guests and corporate executives around town,” added Nina.

Safety first

Local personalities Freda Liu and Low Ngai Yuen shared their positive experiences using the service which they lament is affordable, convenient and hassle-free.

“I have a soft spot for everything truly Malaysian and have followed MyTeksi growth over the past few years. I am over the moon that they have nearly eliminated the need for taxi hailing. I can conveniently get a taxi without the need to step outdoors and more importantly, I am con?dent that a trust- worthy driver will turn up,” said Liu.

Low echoed Liu’s thoughts and added that MyTeksi made it safer for women to take taxis. “MyTeksi has done a wonderful job of revamping the taxi industry. What was once a dreaded experience has turned into a safe and reliable one. With the addition of GrabCar, commuters get a more premium service that is backed by MyTeksi’s brand promise of safety and reliability,” she said.

How to book

As GrabCar runs on the MyTeksi platform, you can make a booking by using the familiar MyTeksi app. Just select GrabCar as your “car type.” The exact fare of the journey will be displayed. Payment is in cash after your journey.

Download the MyTeksi app for free. It’s available for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry.


Rates are surprisingly not overly expensive. With a base fare of RM4.20 (off-peak) and RM6.00 (peak) followed by a RM1.60 / RM2.30 per KM fare (off-peak/peak), it’s a small premium to pay for a better taxi experience. A trip from KLCC to Mont Kiara may only cost RM20 (off-peak) or RM28 (peak), which is highly reasonable. There is also no midnight surcharge.

Stay tuned for a review of my first GrabCar experience.

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