Metro: Last Light… will it be the last light you see?

The last time I played Metro: 2033, it was a game that really told me FPS gaming is going to be huge. Now, with the new trailer of the next Metro game, Metro: Last Light makes the statement even firmer.

The new trailer “GENESIS” shows off new creatures and stuff that we would expect in the upcoming game. The trailer is portrayed in the biblical manner of “The Seven Days of Creation” where the set location is Russia’s Nuclear Ground Zero and the underground locations of the survivors.

There is also a hint that the game will be launched around March 2013. Pre-orders are in standby mode right now (with some in-game goodies!)

Well, to add to the mix, they are giving FREE Metro: 2033 download copies on their Facebook page. It’s a limited time offer, obviously, and you probably would want to start from there in order to understand Metro’s universe better. Just follow the instructions provided and you are done.

See you in the underground subways survivors!

P/S: So many games releasing in the month of March 2013… better start saving now. ~Moses

Facebook site: Metro: Last Light

Here’s the ironic trailer:

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