MCO Phase 2: Hardware stores allowed to open twice a week

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In what should have been a five-minute cleaning job, I ended up with a broken washer and a leaky pipe. Yes, that summed up my glorious weekend. The worst thing is, no hardware stores are open and no plumbers are available during the Movement Control Order (MCO). There may be some hope for me (and for others with plumbing or other issues) yet, according to the latest guidelines by the National Security Council on the second phase of the MCO.

According to the official FAQ, hardware stores are now allowed to operate two times a week. That aside, pet shops, shops that sell fertiliser and pesticide, medication and essentials, vehicle spare parts (for agricultural and industrial needs) are also allowed to operate twice a week.

MCO Phase 2

The second phase of MCO runs from 1 April until 14 April 2020 with further restriction of movement according to a defined schedule and sector. Ten critical/essential sectors continue to operate during the MCO.

The sectors are food, water, energy, communications and internet, safety and defence, waste management and public cleanliness, health and medical, banking and finance, e-commerce, and logistics.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has also defined zones depending on the number of reported COVID-19 cases:

  • Green – Areas with no positive cases
  • Yellow – 1-20 positive cases
  • Orange – 21-40 cases
  • Red – Above 40 positive cases
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With the advice of the MOH, tighter control (Enhanced Movement Control Order or EMCO) is issued in areas or locations that are in the red zone to curb the spread of COVID-19. So far, this has been implemented two villages in Simpang Renggam in the red zone of Kluang in Johor, seven villages in the red zone of Hulu Langat, and a condominium in Kuala Lumpur.

In the latest data as of April 5, there are a total of 18 red zones, which are: Lembah Pantai (376), Hulu Langat (318), Petaling (292), Kuching (165), Seremban (156), Kluang (147), Johor Bahru (139), Kepong (112), Klang (109), Gombak (100), Titiwangsa (90), Kinta (84), Kota Bahru (82), Tawau (67), Hilir Perak (65), Jerantut (60), Batu Pahat (47) and Cheras (44). About 67 percent of the nation’s 3,662 COVID-19 cases are recorded in these 18 red zones.

Head over to the official Health Ministry website  or the World Health Organisation (WHO) for the latest updates on COVID-19.

Header image: mandy zhu on Unsplash

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