Mazda Vision Coupe concept: One sexy beast

Mazda Vision Coupe
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IA - Lazada

Mazda has finally pulled the wraps off their new four door coupe, dubbed the Vision Coupe. Looking at the car, you might be fooled in thinking that it’s an Aston Martin Rapide. We thought so too.

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That is until you notice the amount of curves and cleaner lines donned around the car. Mazda’s KODO design philosophy, which has defined Mazda vehicles up till now, has always been about fluidity, speed and allure. It was always about a stationary animal ready to pounce. With the Vision Coupe, you get everything KODO stands for and more, but more refined.

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Speaking of design, the Vision Coupe breaks all of the barriers of the conventional sedan. With a long front end as well as a short rear overhang, its proportions show signs of a classic front engine and rear-wheel drive setup. Looks like it’ll be a lot more fun the corners. Also, the corporate front grille as well as slim headlights give the car a lot of presence.

At the rear, the concept sports quad exhausts, which ultimately leads us to the powertrain. What powerplant will it feature?

Mazda says it has always been committed to the combustion engine. Thus, the Vision Coupe will house the next-generation Skyactiv-X petrol engine, with Mazda’s proprietary Spark Controlled Compression Ignition (SCCI) technology. It’s a groundbreaking technology that Mazda claims delivers unprecedented engine response and acceleration, yet fuel efficient with cleaner emissions.

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Stepping inside, Mazda has stripped off all unnecessarily clutter and gave the Vision Coupe a clean and minimalist design. It does away without the big screens and buttons on the dashboard. Instead, all you see is a regular speedometer and a heads-up display (HUD). Moving towards the centre console and you’ll see the implementation of a stick shift gearbox.

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According to the director of design at Mazda North America Julien Montousse, he stated that “Outside and inside, it follows a Japanese aesthetic, moving away from an animalistic approach, away from too much dynamism, to become something more minimal.” Mazda is definitely going big with the idea of automotive affection, even though the trend of autonomous driving is rising. The company has made it clear that it won’t jump on the bandwagon and follow on with the trend. So their motto “Zoom-Zoom” will definitely live on.

We think it looks fantastic. What do you think?

Source: Mazda

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