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Free 2x more data for all MaxisONE plan customers, up to 50GB a month

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Not enough data? Maxis hears you. Several days ago, the green telco announced a shocking double-up free upgrade (for life!) for all its MaxisONE plan (MOP) customers. That’s 1.5 million customers who will be enjoying up to 50GB a month, at no cost.

So what’s with this obsession with data? Less than 12 months ago, we were happily plodding at 3-5GBs per month. Blame it on higher speed, better networks. Point your fingers at OTT services like Spotify, iflix, Netflix. Blame it on 4K and 360 videos on YouTube and Facebook. We’re consuming data. A lot of it. Everyday.

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MaxisONE 2x SMS

And apparently, we’re doing a lot of video consumption and mobile entertainment on weekends too. And hence, Maxis is also throwing in double data for free on weekends too.

That’s not all though. All MaxisONE Share supplementary lines will also get upgraded to 2x more data, at no additional cost.

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Here’s how it breaks down:

MaxisONE 2x

As an example, MOP 98 will get 10GB of all day data monthly, plus 10GB of 4G weekend data. Assuming there’s a MaxisONE Share Line, that line will get 5GB all-day data (that’s can be shared into the DataPool), and 5GB of weekend data.

The top run MOP 188 plan has plenty to gain. 25GB of all-day data, and 25GB of 4G weekend data. That’s a whopping 50GB of data in total. A month.

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Note that 4G weekend data is not shareable in the DataPool.

The Power of One

On a separate note, Maxis is shouting about  their RM1 4G smartphone deals via its Power of 1 RM1 sale. If you’re a current MOP customer, you can choose from a wide range of smartphones including the fantastic Huawei P9, Samsung J7 and J5, and OPPO F1. You can also opt to pick up a Pocket WiFi, Google Chromecast or Home WiFi extenders for just RM1.  Want more info about Power of One? Head over to the Power of One page.

Do note that the RM1 smartphone deal comes with a 24-month contract, while the Pocket WiFi plan comes with a 12-month contract.

For more about MaxisONE, visit the official MaxisONE page.

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  • Bobby

    the plan seems interesting and now the telco company start their year end fight ~

    • Shen Hong

      Thats so true, Final year report. Need to hit ROI. Hahaha. But people need time to change their telco.

      • faye ayie

        majority will choose only the best plan…nowadays,a lot of privilege given by telco`s…and they compete each other…what am i really interested is their package with iflix…no need huge data now to browsing…am i right?

        • Shen Hong

          Yes they will choose a best plan. But its quite hard for people to keep changing plan. iflix? Is that really a thing? watching on your mobile phone?

  • Winson

    my goshhh ! now the data even come out 50gb , and i saw some telco offer until 60gb but not that expensive. I just wondering can their used up the data hahaha

    • Shen Hong

      Hahaha~ Waiting for those big telco come out with unlimited. I wonder will it ever come out. I am now forcing my self to finish my 20GB T.T

      • Winson

        don’t daydream la ~ where got telco come out with unlimited data , it’s the best stage already you can see many telco giving unlimited call and unlimited social apps like celcom did. But one thing i feel wasted is , 60gb carry forward by celcom cannot carry forward so i am thinking might taking the lesser data one hmm , still in consideration.

        • Michelle

          But the question still is are you able to finish 60GB even if you carry forward will not make any difference. If just normally you cant finish it. i think i might need to start downloading korean drama to finish it

          • Govanni

            so far it’s not really for those non maxis users since they didn’t drop their price and their data offered is quite less compare to others telco as you say others offer 60gb but maxis just 50gb and expensive than them so much

          • Shen Hong

            The price remain they just double the data. So easily. Makes me wonder sometimes if was always that easy or not.

  • asunalai

    i used 98plan for 20gb but celcom offer 40gb
    that’s half of it only and why the gap of the quota is so big
    so ridiculous

    • Vernon Chan

      Not so straight forward. You need to look at quality of the network too.

      • asunalai

        their network still okay only sometimes just get 4bars
        they say their coverage is wide but i’m not really travel in whole malaysia
        what i need is quantity of quota that given for us..

      • Winson

        true. agree with you @vernieman:disqus , quality of the network is the most important aspect for the user. So far i only have my bad experience with telco U due to it’s bad coverage in certain area

        • Michelle

          [TumbsUp] Couldnt agree more. Most telco giving more data but there are still few area having bad coverage. I think you would have to check those coverage area in which you normally go to. But like for me i go outstation alot. so i tends to have few different mobile phone running different telco for internet connection.

    • sarainfinite

      That’s so trueeeeeeeeeeeee. That’s why laa I use celcom. See, if I buy 60GB internet quota also I can share with family and friends. Sharing is caring. hahahahaha

      • Perline Hui

        Celcom coming out with alot of quite awesome plans now adays. Faster than other telco. I love now adays they give more quota. Alot of telco giving out double the quota.

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