Maxis Express could be the fastest iPhone 6s delivery in the country

Maxis Express iPhone 6s
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Many, including the most ardent of iPhone fans are impatiently waiting to get their hands on the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Apple has of course officially announced that the new iPhone will hit Malaysian shores on 16 October. All three major telcos (and a little one) will be carrying the device.

Maxis will be opening pre-orders this Friday, 9 October.

Last year, Maxis introduced the Midnight Express Delivery service where they made iPhone deliveries to lucky customers at the stroke of midnight. If you can remember, there was also a big surprise for the first ever Maxis iPhone buyer – Maxis CEO Morten Lundal himself making a delivery.

I was part of the crew, which included key Maxis management and Lundal, that hijacked a TGV Cinema prior to a movie being shown. Delivering exceptional customer experience was always the goal, and it demonstrated that Maxis was serious in delivering that to its customers.

Well, this year, Maxis is at it again. It has just released a teaser video for Maxis Express – free 24 hours delivery, anywhere.

Last year’s attempt was ambitious but not without challenges. This time round, Maxis has given assurance that they’ve made significant improvements to their online store to cater to demand.

And emulating last year, Maxis promises to deliver to you anywhere, within 24 hours on 16 October – be it on the beach, in a tree house, in a lake.

No details on official pricing of the iPhone 6s yet, but head over to Maxis Express for more info.

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