After mapping entire continents, Waze is now mapping Mars

Waze Map Editor

Mapping champion Waze is not sitting still. Having mapped entire continents with the help of satellite footage and plenty of research, the social navigation pioneers will now focus on more interplanetary conquests. Next up, the fourth rock from the sun – Mars.

You may balk at the idea, but undeniably, the Waze Map Editing Community knows how to build a map. It’s still a surprise though, that a leading extraterrestrial exploratory organisation reached out to Waze to help them map Mars.

In order to pursue this ambitious project, Waze is engaging its leading map editors – Waze Global Champs. The company has reached out to leading mapping champs in the US, Russia and Italy.

Waze Mars

In an official statement, Asterix06 – the Global Champ from Italy, said, “I edit in several continents on the Earth, so I believe a ‘new world’ could be a good challenge.”

Russian Champ Vladi on the other hand, said, “Evolution. Waze was destined to grow beyond Earth someday, and I feel pleased we’ve passed this major milestone.”

OrbitC, the long-time United States Global Champ lamented, “As an industry leader, Waze pioneered what it means to be the best navigation app. I think it’s only fitting that Waze took the next step to be the best-and-only app to be leading this project. As space travel is becoming a normal thing, Waze will be there to guide those who can make the travel.”

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Waze Mars

Waze as opened a special space-focused server on the web-based Waze Map Editor platform to these mapping teams.

The mapping process has already started and Waze said it is readying its terrestrial editing software “for more extrinsic uses.”

At this point in time, landing sites are simply marked “Places,” while dust storms or volcanic activity marked as “Major Traffic Events.” On the other hand, broken-down Rovers are “Potential Road Hazards.”

Apparently, Waze Global Champs may be required to go through rigorous training, to earn their place to don a spacesuit.

OrbitC said his biggest concerns are “gravity and bulky space suit. And not to mention slow internet (connection) speed.”

It is unclear how long the initial mapping process of Mars will take. But as they say, “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

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